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Promoting better understanding, diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for individuals with cardiac arrhythmias.


  • To raise awareness of cardiac arrhythmias
  • To improve diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias
  • To improve treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
  • To improve quality of life for people with cardiac arrhythmias

Sign against Stroke in atrial fibrillation


Madras Medical Mission to observe World Heart Rhythm Week

3rd June 2012, Deccan Chronical

If your heart flutters or skips a beat, making your head spin and your knees buckle, it may not be cupid at work with his bow and arrows.

These are symptoms of arrhythmia, the top cause for young people dropping dead due to cardiac arrest. During World Heart Rhythm Week, observed from June 6-12, doctors from the Madras Medical Mission in the city are conducting a string of awareness campaigns and an ECG training course for MBBS doctors and doctors of other specialties to fine-tune their electrocardiology skills.  Read more


Did you know?

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia is one of the leading causes of death in the world.  


Heart Rhythm Specialists Directory


The Heart Rhythm Specialists directory is a central global database highlighting local heart rhythm disorder specialists.

The database houses an international list of healthcare professionals, including doctors, general practitioners, nurses and cardiac physiologists, who have an interest in heart rhythm conditions (arrhythmias), including atrial fibrillation and syncope.


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